What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?

Devilisland sponsor!

ShanaLogic is now an official sponsor of the Devils Island Project: Saving the Tasmanian Devil from extinction!

We get a tree with a plaque on the actual island, plus they posted this little email I sent to the founder a while back:-) We are also listed on their Sponsors page (at the very bottom but it’s still cool! woohoo!)

Introducing our first USA sponsor – Shana Logic

Basically I run an online shop called “Shana Logic” www.shanalogic.com. I sell jewelry, apparel, accessories, home goods and more but what makes it special is that every product was either handcrafted by an artist or designed by an artist or small business!

There’s nothing mass produced and it gives the artists a venue to make a living as crafters which is very rare in this chain-store, name brand world! In the states (and maybe in australia), it’s called “Indie Shopping” ;-)

I designed the site, took most of the photos, wrote all of the descriptions, do the marketing, etc. and have a couple employees who help with customer service and shipping– We’re small! I run the whole shop from a small warehouse about 5 blocks from my home.

The most interesting part is that because I’ve been in some australian blogs, I do a LOT of business with your country! I ship international quite a bit and australia is one of the countries I ship to the most! I sell about 1000 products by over 100 artists and even have a line of belts and jewelry myself!

I’m excited to be your first USA sponsor and do a lot of volunteer wildlife rescue myself (squirrels, raccoons, woodchucks)

Shana Victor

My new cause?!

What’s this adorable harmless lookin’ creature? (aussies wanna chime in ??!)

It’s the Tasmanian Devil! He looks harmless but really they are very aggressive hunters that make pretty frightening sounds when they eat which makes them scary to most people. Because they frighted so many people in the 40’s (and hunted their livestock) they were hunted themselves and are now on the endangered species list.

Now, because of a facial tumor disease that is killing at an alarming rate, their survival is threatened!

There is a plan though! devilislandproject.com is a site for an organization that wants to create an island dedicated to the healthy breeding of the devils!

Shana Logic is going to become the ONLY United States Corporate sponsor of the Tasmanian Devil’s Island project!

If you aren’t convinced, check out this video (they remind me of raccoons!)

So jealous of that handler;-)