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It’s squirrel rescue season again!

Rehabbing started up for me again a couple of weeks ago. I had some bad luck with a few squirrels that were sick so I didn’t post any photos of them (looking at the later makes me sad:-(

These two cuties came in today and they are soooo cute! They are about 4 weeks old and seem to be doing well! I put them in with my other two red squirrels and now the four of them are like a happy little family!

If they all make it (fingers crossed!!!), they’ll be released in about 2 months!

squirrel rescue season just started!

(my usual disclaimer: I’m a licensed wildlife rehabber who takes in orphans animals and gets them ready to be re-released into the wild – these cuties are not pets)

Today I took in 4 extremely young squirrels who’s nest had fallen (apparently there were crews working on electrical wires and it must have knocked them out of the tree).

I’ve never gotten any squirrels this young before and they were all cold and not really moving much. I got them warmed up (it took a while!) and now they’re even eating a little every 15-30 minutes!

I’m not keeping them because they need to be fed every 30 minutes to an hour (I have to work!!) but another amazing wildlife rescuer is taking them today – Wish them luck!

PS. if you support wildlife rescue, please like Friends of Wildlife Facebook Page :D

mutant squirrel update

I know that you guys are ALL waiting with bated breath to find out if my mystery baby red squirrel survived…

(recap) I got a 4 week old squirrel that was grey with a white tail and I couldn’t figure out what it was! I was worried it wouldn’t survive also (the strange ones almost never do).

I figured out that it’s indeed a red squirrel but for some reason, it didn’t get the red color or the full overcoat of fur it’s supposed to get.

above is what a red is SUPPOSED to look like. (image: dpughphoto.com)

Anyhoo, it’s been a month and he’s doing AWESOME!! He still doesn’t have full fur but he’s gettin’ all squirrely with the rest of the babies.

Just thought I’d share!



your cute for the day – it’s squirrel rescue season!

I just got in a bunch of new baby squirrels from my rescue organization! I’ve got 3 6 week olds, 1 5 week old, 1 4 week old and one MYSTERY pet!

My cell phone doesn’t take the best pic so bare with me (these guys move so fast they’re hard to capture!! I’ve posted a few videos so that you can see the older ones movin’ around and stuff;-) The first one is an older one eating an avocado.

This little dude wants to get at me cause I have his food!

This little girl is just waking from her nap – she’s just about 4 weeks old!

Here a a couple trying to get to my syringe;-)

I’ve got a strange mystery one too! It’s light grey with white spots (red squirrels are supposed to be well…red!) and a stringy white tail! I picked it up yesterday and she was so sick she was barely moving –  but after a night of hard work, she seems to be recovering and eating pretty well! I’ve never seen one look so strange (she’s all lanky with huge paws and she’s SO the wrong color!) so I’m having a hard time figuring him out;-) (EDIT: someone pointed out that it might be a grey and I think they are right! he’s not the right size for his coloring but it’s the only answer! – EXTRA UPDATE: It’s NOT a grey! I had someone who does greys look at him and our theory is that he’s some bizarro red strain…strange! I really hope he makes it cause he’s not doing very well :-(

Updates to come!

DISCLAIMER (yes, I always have to do this;-): I am a licensed wildlife rescuer who works with an organization that rehabs orphaned wildlife. These are not pets and will be released into the wild.


baby squirrel update!

Remember these guys?

Look at how big they are now!! This is them in their nesting box (Red squirrels grow up to have the goofiest of the squirrel faces;-)

(They’re peeking out to see if I’ve got any food they can grab)

My very first blueberry!