What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?

This morning a loyal Aussie shopper emailed me a disturbing letter. She said that there was a shop in her mall called “Diva” (diva.net.au) that was STEALING product imagery and designs by Shana Logic artists!

She included photos of some items in her email and indeed I was completely appalled to see how awful this shop was! Not only did they steal the designs, they mass produced them all in factories (and VERY poorly) in order to sell them all for almost no money! On top of that, they do not give any of the artists credit for their work!

I recognized a bunch of designs they are selling from my shop as WELL as a bunch of products that were exact copies of items I’ve seen on other artists sites. (Artists, you may want to visit their site to see if YOUR design is being stolen!) Obviously they are willing to steal from whomever pleases them.

-Diva is a company that does not care about copyright laws.
-Diva does not value artists
-Diva is willing to lie to their customers and mass produce items in order to sell them for less than the artists can afford to sell their originals.

I contacted them and have not heard back.

Please do not support DIVA by buying from them.
Please feel free to contact them about this issue.

7/28/2009 EDIT: I’ve heard back from DIVA – READ HERE.