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Normally I’m sunshine and rainbows in this blog, but I just wanted to take a moment to talk about my best friend, Pixel.

Pixel was my golden retriever, and she was diagnosed with heart cancer last month. This morning she passed away in her sleep. It’s been really heartbreaking for me, because she is the first pet I’ve ever lost, and she was such an important member of my family! For the past 10 years, it’s always been “Pokky & Pixel!” so I’m just really sad today :(

Pokky & Pixel as puppies:)

The good news is that after she was diagnosed, even though she only lived a month, they were really happy days! She ran and played and begged for food and on the whole, was doing super awesome. For a while I thought maybe she was misdiagnosed!

I just wanted to say that she was a super amazing friend, and she touched a lot of people. She had her wild days, was a goofball, and had THE WORLD’S WORST DOG BREATH known to man.  She was also amazingly loving, gorgeous looking, super cuddly and really loyal.  She loved full body massages, when I held her hand, and hanging out in the back yard.

(a few years ago, Pixel was the mascot for my holiday magnet :D )

She was 10.5 years old, really too young in my opinion and I’m just glad i had this last month to say goodbye to her. If you have a pet, go hug them. They say ‘every day is a gift,’ and I know exactly what they mean.

I <3 You Pixel!

PS. animated gif pixels!