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Your Hair is about to be AWESOME – Handmade Wigs at Shana Logic


I’m in love with these wigs by LadyLike Wigs! They are SO much better than any other wigs I’ve ever bought online – (see, that’s me in the corner in black in white rocking the light grey wig!)

If you have always wanted amazing hair but can’t do it because of your job OR you just want to try and rock different colors (or you want to your lolita or cosplay to be even better, check these wigs out! They are handmade and hand-cut by the artist – gorgeous!


Moon, Galaxy, Space, Stars – We love them at Shana Logic!

Full Moon and Unicorn Sweatshirt

Made-to-order, just for you

Magical Crescent Moon Necklace

A Shana Logic exclusive

Galaxy Cat Print

A Shana Logic Favorite!

Celestial Galaxy Scarf

Hand screened in Detroit

Moon and Triangles T-shirt – Men’s

Made-to-order, just for you!

Crystal Moon Necklace


Constellation Locket Necklace

Big Dipper/Little Dipper

Only At Shana Logic

Crescent Moon Necklace

Featuring a lovely Moonstone gemstone

Phases of the Moon Messenger Bag

Made-to-order, just for you!

Blue Galaxy Stud Earrings

Only At Shana Logic

Shana’s hair history…Bright colored hairstyles for fine hair!


Online, there are TONS of super pretty and crazy-fun hair everywhere you look! Peacock blue flowing wavy hair, rainbow braids on pinterest and all sorts of eye candy for inspiration.




But what if you don’t have the most awesome thick healthy hair? What if you aren’t a professional stylist who can afford to keep that insanely beautiful light purple looking stunning?






I guess that means that you’re like me! I LOVE having fun colors in my hair but my hair is actually EXTREMELY fine. I’m challenged to be able to have fun colors without having my hair fall out from bleach, and growing it out is out of the question! Once it gets below my shoulders, people are like “I never realized your hair is so thin!” We can’t all be gifted like these people!










But I love trying new things (whether they work or not – the shaving of that heart in my head created all sorts of unhappy boyfriend-ness at the time ;-) If I had gloriously thick amazing hair, I’d totally do this like my beautiful sugarpill pal, or this, or thisAren’t they stunning??!







But alas, we all make do with what we’ve got and I’ve got straight, super thin hair. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun though! All of the pics I’ve posted in this piece are things that I’ve tried in the last 3-5 years. If you’re wondering what kind of dyes I use, I’m pretty partial to Special FX and I just recently tried Pravana. I have used others but those are the two I’m always going back to. I do not recommend bleaching your OWN hair though, especially if you have thin hair like mine.





For those of you who want to try something like my pics, but want to keep your costs down I recommend: Having a professional do the bleaching and low lights (dark natural colored parts) and then you can order your own dye online and maintain the color yourself. That way you only have to go in for cuts and re-bleaching touch-ups.

Hope you enjoyed my hair photos and feel free to ask me any questions!

And, if you’re not into permanent change, check out all of the FUN ACCESSORIES at ShanaLogic.com!



Well I say!

Tea Time Ring


Tea Time Ring


Croissant Hair Clips


Croissant Hair Clips


Mini Hand-painted Wood Plaque - You're My Cup Of Tea


Mini Hand-painted Wood Plaque – You’re My Cup Of Tea


Tiniest Teapot Necklace


Tiniest Teapot Necklace


Sir Fancy Octo-Plushie!


Sir Fancy Octo-Plushie!