What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?

Happy Mystery Present Day!


It’s true!! TODAY (Tuesday 1/13) I’m giving out free presents all day! Why? Cause I love free present time –  it’s so fun to pick out gifts I think you would like!

How do I get my free present? It’s easy! Just place an order today (1/13) and I’ll automatically send you something cute!

Snow Day at Shana Logic!



We had a “light” snowstorm in Ann Arbor, MI today and this is the current state of my yard. In Michigan I’d rank this as a 5 out of 10 as far as storms go: it’s pretty to look at, and slightly inconvenient for driving around but not TOO terrible :)

Cosplay Costumes at Gencon 2015!

Every year I head out to Gen Con – the largest gaming convention in the midwest and it’s awesome!! I usually dress up a day or two because well, it’s so fun to be able to transform into something else for a day!

This year I went as a gothic lolita unicorn on friday:



I love the unicorn horn on this one (though it leaves a pretty funny mark on my forehead for like 12 hours after I wear it!) The bad part is that I never really bothered to take any close ups of the horn, but I wore it last year if you want to see me as a BLUE lolita unicorn!



And on saturday I wore my first full length costume! The grey part of my dress is actually the bottom of my wedding dress from 11 years ago (I can’t believe I actually got to wear it again), with two petticoats underneath and a shorter cage hoop above it (trust me, it was quite awkward when i had to use the ladies’ room ;-)



I know this pic isn’t a great one with my “serious face” but I love the handmade headdress (it has real antlers on it – I’m so happy I found it!) and the grey wig! If you love the wig as much as I do, I sell it at Shana Logic in a bunch of different colors by Lady Like Wigs – this one is platinum grey).

As is pretty normal when you wear a costume at gen con, you pose for a lot of pictures but you also get to meet a TON of great cosplayers and enthusiasts which is super fun!

I had a lot of costume favorites, but it’s so hard to find them online (I didn’t take any photos myself this year!). I did find my absolute favorite:



Flame Princess! (by @keriannkelley)


Here are some other awesome Gen Con costumes from instagram:


this woman’s costume was amazingly detailed (she had huge wings in the back too!)

by Jenna Watson / The Star


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why this one is awesome :)



by @artist_for_life7778



by @juannga


and let’s finish the fun off with one of my favorite duos, bee and puppycat! A super easy but very iconic cosplay:


I also want to mention that cosplay is for EVERYONE! If you feel like dressing up as anyone or anything, you should go for it! I’m 39 years old and I walked in the costume parade next to a lovely 54 year old steampunk woman and that’s just super badass!




it’s my birthday!

Happy birthday to me!!

Today I woke up to just what I wanted (surrounded my lovely flowers and candy cause Toby rocks!):


You press his ear and he talks in his strange and lovely language!

If you don’t know why I LOVE puppycat so much, you should watch these two 5 minute clips – it’ll be the best thing you watch today, promise!

Puppycat part 1

Puppycat part 2

Meet Cadbury, The newest member of our furry family! CUTE PHOTOS AHEAD!


A couple of weeks ago, we brought home our newest family member Cadbury. Our dog Peeps was very lonely after her friend 14 year old Pokky passed away over Christmas (we were too!!) and she really needed a new friend (since her and Suki and Cake are not super besties – Not to mention the squirrels I rescue every year – they totally would rather she not exist ;-)


Cadbury is adorably big. He’s only 12 weeks old and weighs almost 30 pounds already! His paws are HUGE.



I don’t know him well yet, but he’s already shown us that he’s a VERY happy puppy with a super sweet and chill personality. He’s just nice! He loves everyone and everything and Peeps and him are starting to become playmates :)




My sister also got an adorable new puppy and they are fast friends!





Welcome home Cadbury!!

Note: Most of these pics were taken by my talented husband – Follow him on Tumblr!