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anime review(ish): Humanity Has Declined

This anime has:

– Headless re-animated chickens
– Main character has funny conversations…in her head!
– A mute sidekick with a dark sense of humor
– Bloody loaves of bread…who can talk!
– quirky sense of humor
– reproducing fairies


I JUST started watching a simulcast (this means it’s airing episodes as they air in Japan, making them super new!) on crunchyroll called “Humanity Has Declined.


There have only been two episodes so far, but they are pretty awesome. Totally surreal, funny, and bizarre, the main character is a liason on earth for the humans who are still living there (apparently in version of earth there are very few humans left) and the fairies. The fairies are really cute and smart with magical powers and they prefer to be paid in candy!


Anyhoo, the first two episodes feature headless re-animated chickens, fairies who can reproduce when they are happy, a girl with no hair who is able to re-grow it back in a day (and finds that it thinks she’s it’s “master” –I really can’t explain this!), and a strange mute who reads this really morbid story that he thinks is funny:


Basically I find myself saying “WHAT?!” and giggling a lot at the absurdities and strange comments (just wait until episode two –if you thought David Lynch was strange….) It’s hard to say if this is going to be the anime of the season just yet – it seems very promising though!


If you like unusual anime, you’ll love this. It’s different from any anime I’ve seen plot-wise, character wise and even style wise! Plus, I swear the ending song was written by the same people who did the ending song on Azumanga Daioh (tell me if I’m right!)

Go watch it and tell me what you think!

*animated gif found at this tumblr

anime: kids on the slope


People who know me know that I’m sort of picky about my anime. It takes something really special to capture…and KEEP my attention. Like regular TV, there’s a lot of junk to sift through (though for some reason my american TV standards are hella low!) and it can be really frustrating to find stuff because if you go by ratings online and reviews, pretty much everyone says all good things about almost everything!

Good News:

I just finished watching Kids on the Slope and I totally recommend it!! It’s by the dude who did Cowboy Bebop (that’s a good thing btw :-) but there are really no similarities (other than them both being really good!)


The story takes place in the 60’s and is a heartbreaking and sweet story about a trio of best friends and well, growing up. The story is infused with the culture of jazz and at first I totally hated it (I get pretty complain-y when I feel like I’m not going to like something;-)  The characters aren’t really drawn the way I initially preferred (I like my anime really “pretty” and it’s not like that) and when they were playing jazz I was like “argh – how many of these jazz sets do I have to watch?!”


But then I realized that the style was perfect for the story and that the music just added another unique layer, helping it to stand apart from the thousands of anime released every year.

I’m SO glad I kept watching past the 3rd episode because it’s SO beautifully done and just really well made. SO SO GOOD!!

The whole series is only 12 episodes and I finished it tonight – NO SPOILERS…

Go Watch and tell me what you think!


What I’m listening to right now

Our friend saw this band Breton in concert the other night and basically said “we know you’d love this band.” They were right!

Breton is pretty darned new. Their first album ‘Other People’s Problems,’ came out a month ago and I’m actually really shocked that they aren’t totally famous by now (but I do tend to think that a lot about lesser known bands). There isn’t a lot about them online but I think they consider themselves more of artists than a band, referring to themselves as ‘bretonLABS’ (I love artists:-). They’re definitely part electronic with lots of distorted sounds and voices, but they use a lot of sounds and beats from the early 2000’s so there’s a teeny trip hop in them which is awesome for me (since I’m an old lady and it’s nostalgic joy.)


Their videos are a tad low budget but they’re a new band so cut em’ some slack (Plus, I really posted them so you could hear the songs).


But this is the song that made me really dig them. Hard.

Hope you Enjoy!

Another Anime

I subscribe to Crunchy Roll, which means that I watch a LOT of anime. The thing about anime, like all television, is that there is a LOT of bad stuff out there. I can’t tell you how many times I stop watching a show before the first 5 minutes is up. And sometimes I’ll watch an entire episode or two and realize “meh.” People are always recommending anime to me and well, I must be SUPER picky or something.

Normally I’m attracting to more lighthearted anime, but tonight I started watching Another, a “horror” genre anime. I’ve never seen a spooky anime before (I mean, there’s death note but that’s not really *scary*) so this was sort of a treat for me!

It’s about a student named Kouichi who transfers from Tokyo (yes, this is like, EVERY anime) to go to a small town high school. He meets a mysterious girl with an eye patch and the story gets strange and spooky. I can’t tell you if this anime is good YET because I’ve only seen two episodes but so far, I like what I see!

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m goth at heart – no matter how much pink I wear, I am totally attracted to dark things. This anime has ravens and spooky dolls, crazy dead(?) girls and a scary score for the mood. I’m totally digging it and I really still have no idea what’s going on!

I’ll let you know in a week if it’s amazing, or you can check it out yourself!


music you can’t label

Lately I’ve been listening to CocoRosie. They’re an extremely kooky pair of sisters who live in france, but were born in the USA. I’m sure lots of you can do music math better than I can, but if Bjork had a baby with His Name Is Alive, and sent them to boarding school in france, you’d get them…or something ;-)  When I look them up online, they are labeled as “freak folk” but I honestly think that’s because they weren’t able to pin them down.



Their latest album “The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn” isn’t for the mild listener. It goes from slight trip hop to bjork-ish crooning, to opera, through strange background noises and back again. At first I was a little thrown off but now I’m in!

It’s not a video but I just love this song so much right now that I had to share with you! The lyrics are INSANE.

Check these lyrics out (they’re from the middle)

He’s a black magic wielder some say a witch
Wielded darkness when he was wilein’ on his mom’s
And born child and he was the bastard the that broke
Up the marriage evil doer doing evil from a baby carriage
And he was born with the same blue eyes
Crystal ships dripping with ice, diamonds coruscate
In the night fireworks electric bright
And now he’s got his own two sons
Trys to hide his tears in a world of fun
But loveless bedrooms filled with doom
Bring silent heartache July to June
Swoon over new young hot flame
Mourn the memories later
Laugh now alligator

Maybe you’ll like it as much as I do!