What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?

Happy Shopper Nyx and her underwater family!

Purtopus and Squidlet chillin’ with their own kind at the Dr.’s Office:)

Nyx posted a really cute slide show in her blog featuring the happy octopus, squidlet, happy narwhal AND the mini jellyfish (plus some cameos from other plushes;-)

Here are some cute ones:

It’s the whole family at Bingo Night (Hey! How did Mr. Dragon get in there!?)

Purptopus brings back the gummi bracelets with this 80’s theme photo:)

They seem happy and harmless. What you don’t know? TOTAL DESSERT BARRICADE!

Happy Shopper Jessica (and a kitteh!)

I’m not a morning person. I basically don’t want anyone to talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. BUT, this morning my inbox had this email from Jessica and I totally forgot that I didn’t have my caffeine! It was so sweet and came with all these cute pics including a kitteh (WIN!):

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jessica
Date: Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 12:44 AM
Subject: Such an amazing sister. Makes you want one doesn’t it?
To: shana

So I thought I’d drop a line to express my ultimate gratitude and pleasant surprise at gifts beyond comparison. I’m an Ar-teest myself and LOVE anything unique. This site sure does hit the spot. I bought the “Iku Chi” squid painting by Kristen Tercek and the mini jellyfish arigumi (gift-wrapped) for my big bro (he loves anything with tentacles :D).

Needless to say, he was super pleased and so was I just to see him freak out like a little kid (he ‘squee’d). The gift-wrapping was better than expected too, coming in a simple brown box with a blue ribbon to tie it all together, my cat liked it so much he thought it was his (xD, sorry Artemis!). I also had a gift message and even that blew me away. The penman-ship was beautiful and the card was simple, but SEEN (normally on a gift, that’s easily overlooked but my brother actually READ it this time). Getting gifts like these, makes you want a sister like me, doesn’t it?

All in all, I have to say thank-you and if you grow larger, I hope much doesn’t change. ;3 Maybe one day even I’ll submit my own artwork and see what you think.



Wow. I’m not sure I really need my pick-me-up anymore!! (well…ok, just one sippy??!) Thanks for being so awesome Jess!!

Charmaine Blogs Shana Logic!

I sent a little sample pack to the blog “Beautiful Dirty Rich” last week for a review and they just posted their thoughts today!

Charmaine of Beautiful Dirty Rich

The cool thing about the review that they give impressions of what it was like to shop with me and how they liked each product with extra photos (which is nice if you’re interested in seeing additional views taken by someone other than myself!) Plus, I’m always so paranoid that reviewers won’t like something but her review seemed really balanced AND she liked everything – yay!

Read the Review & See her pics here

Also, she does a haul video so if you want to see her interacting with the products in “real life” check it out;-) It’s pretty long but she does a good job showing the products (however, if you’re allergic to the word “cute” you might not like it! :P )

Thanks for the love Charmaine!

Happy Shopper Time!

This week I’m postin’ a bunch of pics and a lot of them came with really awesome emails!! I don’t usually include so many of the notes but I really loved them all and couldn’t choose (sorry!) And to top it off, according to “The Cupcake Queen,” Mr. Manatee is crushing on me!! (squeee–I’m blushing!) ;-)

I love this photo of Emely!! She looks super awesome with her purple octopus necklace AND matching hair AND matching nail polish – I love eeet!

Kelly is wearing my own personal favorite (I know I say that a lot but I own this ring too!)

She sent it with this super sweet note:

hi shana !
i’ve been meaning to do this for almost a year, haha ! i’ve bought so many things from your website; they are all so unique and cute, a great find !
i’ve purchased lots of things, but my favorite is my ring. my boyfriend bought it for me for our two year anniversary [September 30 2009] so it’s been awhile. i wear it everyday, and it is still as perfect as the day i got it. :) no tarnish or anything! it’s super comfy yet secure, and it’s just so cute it makes me smile everyday.
i plan to order much more in the future, and i hope you keep up with all these unique items. :) <3
have a nice day !

Awwww, Sarah has done her own personal style file! She’s rockin’ so many shop items (keys of love earrings, cupcake arm warmers, lace bow headband and I think –I’m not sure– that I see a robot necklace too?) Plus, now I know that Mr. Manatee might actually be crushing on me (squeee!! I’m blushing!)

This Cupcake Queen says:

This is my second time shopping at Shanalogic. My box just got here and I SQUEED all over the place!! I couldn’t be happier with my things (and your doodle!!!) Mr. Manatee is such a great conversationalist btw. We’re going off to tea pretty soon. :D He thinks you’re pretty. And I agree.

Thank youuuu!! :D

<3 Sarah (also known as The Cupcake Queen)

Maricruz looks so lovely in her Octopus Dress AND she included this note which I really loved so here’s an exerpt:

It’s me Maricruz! I have ordered many items from your store in the past and I keep forgetting to send you photos of me in your wonderful dresses and jewelry that I have purchased from the store. My favorite purchase so far is the Octopus Dress! As you may know, I love octopi and penguins (and my team, Spain, won the FIFA world cup this year, I love Paul the Octopus) and I was looking for a cute Octopus dress and this was just absolutely perfect! This dress is flattering for all the beautiful women of all shapes and sizes! I absolutely LOVE this dress! Every time I wear it out with my friends and when I’m with my boyfriend, I always get compliments and people always ask where I got it from….

Thank you so much for having so many wonderful items in your store. You can bet that I will be purchasing some more items soon. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in October so I will be getting him something special from your store.

Stay Sassy and Lovely
Maricruz Gonzalez aka

The Movie Bitch

Bailey looks HOT rockin’ her retro block heart necklace! (though it’s strange how it looks green – I’m thinking it was black?) ;-)

Hehe, Emily sent me this pic of her in her super-cool new tee with this fun email–Thanks for the PG-13 bleeping Emily! :3

Hey Shana!
I just recently bought the Photographer Ladies Tee for school, and I absolutely love it!! My sister told me that it was a mad shirt that called for a mad hat. And I had a Mad Hatter’s hat :D
*bleep* yeah! Thank you so much.
– Emily

And last but definitely NOT least, is erin, looking cute as pie in her happy cup earrings! (She’s holding a “let’s bake” pin set, hence the “cute as pie” reference…get it??

She wrote:

I recently received the “Let’s Bake! Pin Set” and the “Happy Cup Earrings” and i’m in love. They are great quality and super adorable! I wore the earrings to school and they were a hit! Everyone asked where I got them, so my school will probably be filled with shanalogic shoppers (: The pins are too cute, i’ll be putting them on my backpack!

Thanks for running this amazing site, can’t wait to buy again soon!

Happy Shopper Danielle

Normally my happy shopper posts come with a photo but this email I got from Danielle was so sweet, that I just had to share it with you. I read it out loud at work and we all went “awwww!” <3

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 9:12 AM
Subject: Re: raccoon items
To: Shana

Dear Shana,

My boyfriend is about to leave for Japan for four months, and bought
me the Bandit Love necklace as a present before he left (since
raccoons are my favorite). We were worried it wouldn’t get here before
he left, but thanks to your AMAZINGLY FAST shipping, it arrived just
in time! The necklace is beautiful, the perfect size and length, and
one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten.  Thanks so much for your
help in making a lovely new memory with my boyfriend!