What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?

Happy Shopper Email!

See? This is why having a small indie site is SO rewarding!! Thank you Sarah for making my day! <3

“I LOVE YOUR SHOP! This site is awesome! I love all the items and they’re so unique I don’t mind paying the extra money. (Imagine that! haha) And the little notes that come in my order are cute too! Sometimes they just say thanks for ordering and sometimes it’s a compliment on what I ordered. Plus the free gifts every once in a while are a nice surprise too! I am a very loyal customer and will continue to shop here for a very long time. I get tons of compliments on your jewelry and tell every one of them about your site! Keep up the great service!! “

-Sarah D.


Killer Nails!! Happy Shopper Pic


I LOVE this shot!!

Rhea writes:
“My friends are in a Mardi gras parade called Chewbacchus this weekend and their theme is Jurassic Party Time. Can you feel the nerd? Just wanted to share the dino decal love! Thanks for the fun weeknight party supplies.”

I CAN feel the nerd!!

Get your own decals:

Pathfinder, Awesome Nails & Narwhals too! Happy Shopper Time!


Get ready for some awesome geek chic cuteness from shoppers Rhea and Cheri!



They play RPGS every month (pathfinder specifically if you were curious ;) and they both decided to have an adorable photo shoot featuring their game and the awesome gaming nail decals and nail polish at Shana Logic.


PLUS they invited an adorable Narwhal Figurine and Itty Bitty Raindrop to the party! Gaming CUTENESS CRITICAL HIT!

Items featured in this adorable photo shoot:

Collectible Narwhal Figurine     Bitty Rain Drop Figurine


Nail Art Decals - Unicorns, Dragons & Gaming   Nail Art Decals - Gryphon, Monsters & Gaming   Handmade Nail Polish - Prismatic



Happy Shopper Photo – Rhea has magical nails!


I LOVE how Rhea is mixing our Magical Unicorn and Dragons Roleplaying Nail Decals with the holographic shimmer of Prismatic!

Want to try what she’s doing? Grab these two items below and make your nails happy!

Handmade Nail Polish – Prismatic

Nail Art Decals – Unicorns, Dragons & Gaming



Happy Shopper Charlotte


Charlotte posted this to my facebook page (thanks for the love Charlotte!!)

“Thanks for the quick arrival on my raccoon totem. Absolutely love it -so small and adorable!! Has already been named meeko, just need somewhere special to keep him”