What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?

Featured Artist!!! Ladylike Wigs!!!

Shana Logic is super excited to introduce you to their favorite wig artist, LadyLike Wigs! She’s been styling and hand-cutting wigs for years and custom cuts each of her wigs to feature a layered and slightly teased style. Her wigs are colorful and gorgeous AND at an affordable price! Whether you’re a performer, cosplayer or someone who just loves having amazing hair, you’ll love trying out these wigs! (Shana, the owner of Shana Logic personally owns this wig in several colors, including platinum grey – see her pic here!)

Straight Layered Wig – Dark & Light Grey Ombre

Straight Layered Wig – Neon Violet

Straight Layered Wig – Platinum Grey

Straight Layered Wig – Lavender

Featured Artist! Brigitte Coovert!

Brigitte Coovert is a super talented artist who has been part of the Shana Logic Family for over 10 years! She started off selling custom My Little Ponies and then moved over to jewelry as well as becoming quite known for her custom Blythe and Pullip dolls! She is now making hand-painted, one of a kind Kokeshi Dolls as well as magical color shifting jewelry! We’re so happy to have her!

Magical Dragon Scales Necklace – Rainbow


Magical Dragon Scales Earrings – Rainbow



Collectible One-of-a-kind Kokeshi Doll



Animal Skull Cameo Necklace – Bird


Magical Dragon Scales Necklace – Blues & Greens








Featured New Artist: Sweet Pea & Company

Want to start toting your little things in style? Introducing artist Anita, founder of Sweet Pea and Company! She’s a new member of the Shana Logic family and we’re so happy to have to adorable handmade and totally affordable zippered pouches!

(pouches in progress)

Anita is an awesome michigan artist who started her business after her oldest child was born. What started small has grown into a business that she works on every day! 

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Anita makes her pouches with her trusty vintage 1970’s sewing machine!)

We have added a few styles of pouches, each really cute featuring adorable fabric (that I get to help pick – eeeee!!) and plan to add more throughout the year.

Oh and most importantly, here is her kitty assistant!

Shop Sweet Pea and Company!

Fine Art Inspiration – Ceramic Animal Sculptures by Beth Cavener Stichter


Normally when I talk about fine art, it’s interwoven with the craft, indie diy movement because I run Shana Logic – your awesome indie gift shop! Shana Logic has a ton of amazing affordable fine art pieces but I don’t really get into any “controversial” or “dark” topics because I like to think of Shana Logic as a little piece of sunshine and rainbows on the interwebs :-)


But many of you don’t know that i have a BFA in mixed media and photography AND but I used to be a ceramic artist (ish). There’s a whole world out there of incredible sculptors that would never reach the masses because of their polarizing topics, pricing and well, the fact that they are usually confined to high end galleries and museums.


If you haven’t heard of Beth Cavener Stichter, I’m excited to introduce you to her sculptures! She mixes art and science and her work is often controversial in nature because she brings up topics people don’t really want to talk about. She takes human nature, and uses animals to relay those emotions – it’s just magical!











It always gives perspective to see work in progress – as a person who used to sculpt on a smaller scale, I’m inspired and totally in awe of what this artist can create!





For more work, visit Beth’s website: followtheblackrabbit.com