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Shana Logic Instagram Giveaway!

Saturday, August 30th, 2014 Giveaway at Instagram!

I’m having a little giveaway over at my instagram!

If you win I’ll send you this totally adorable handmade Green Tea Mochi Bunny by Kimchi Kawaii – adorable isn’t he??

Head on over to enter!

Mini Photo Contest Winner!

Thursday, April 10th, 2014


1st Place Winner! Linus Tuomenvirta

I’m a sucker for romance!! <3  I chose this as the winner because first of all, it’s just a gorgeous picture, but it also shows the jewelry really well AND was super creative! In fact, they entered a couple of other photos and they were all great – take a look!




Honorable mentions and a ‘General Cuteness” award goes to these photos:

(if you see your photo, email me and I will send you a $5 gift card!)






Congrats everyone and thanks for entering!!




Shana Logic Mini Contest!

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Enter to win a $50 gift card at Shana Logic!


Check out the entries so far (they’re at the top of the page ;-)

Don’t be shy! It’s super easy to enter and I can’t wait to see what you guys do!



Pinterest CUTE Contest Winners

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013


And the Winners are:

1st Place & $100 gift card:


I LOVE this board! It’s got everything curated nicely, with my products all mixed in evenly with the other photos. It’s got really creative items on it that tell me a LOT about the person who pinned it: food items, cute illustrations, fan art, pretty and colorful photos and even some personal ones thrown in!


2nd and 3rd place winners: $50 mystery gift package!!




Theme Winners - $10 gift card for each!
(I added this category because I had so much fun with the theme boards – they made such a unique cuteness experience and were really creative!

Erin S.




To claim your prize, contact me and send me your full name and mailing address so I can get you your goodies!!

Thank you so much for entering everyone!!

Pinterest Contest! Win $100 dollars worth of goodies!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013


1. Follow ShanaLogic on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter

2Create a Pinterest Board called “Cute at ShanaLogic” Add 15-25 images that you think are cute (animals, romance, cute artwork, etc.)

3. Make sure you pin at least five (5) Shana Logic products from the website to this board, and tag them with #shanalogic

5. Once your board is complete, leave a comment on this contest blog post with a link to your pinterest board (please allow 24 hours for your  comment to show up because I have to approve comments in my blog!)

Prizes & More Information:

1st Place will recieve a fun bag of goodies including accessories, jewelry and home decor worth over $100!

2nd & 3rd place will receive a smaller bag of goodies (but just as cute) worth over $50!

Deadline: August 31st at midnight One entry per person. You must post a link to your board as a comment on our contest blog post (this one!) to be entered. Please allow 24 hours for your comment to show up.

Additional information: As long as your country shows up in our shipping calculator on our cart page, you CAN enter (canada, usa, UK, etc). Prizes cannot be exchanged or returned (but that’s silly cause they’ll be awesome!)


Shana Logic Photo Contest: ANIMAL STYLE WINNERS!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

This was SUCH a fun contest…that could also be called “Stana Logic stuff I put on my pets head” Contest, hehe!

What’s better than browsing through photos of adorable animals (well, maybe the real animals but you guys can’t really send in LIVE animals;-)?!

Because they were all so cute it took me over 2 weeks to decide who the winners were! Everyone’s pets were adorbz, so I judged the contest on originality and fun factor and photo quality :)

1st place winner ($100 gift card):


By lemonslimetree

Just look at this doodle! (my pet word for anything or anyone that’s super cute :) Not only does this photo feature the product super well, this little hedgie is clearly workin’ it with his smoldering stare (and the photo quality is awesome!)

2nd place winner ($50 gift card):


By Annie Alpaca

Honorable mentions:

I decided to do an honorable mention section because I loved so many of these photos!! You’ll see why it was so hard for me to decide on the winners!

If you see your photo in the honorable mention section, contact me and I’ll send you a special discount code to use on your next order!


by kattyo88



By eperkins237


By Jennifer E.

By Annie



By Axis



By stormieninja



NOTE: Is this teeny tiny photo yours? If you have a larger version, can you send it to me? It’s not on facebook anymore:)


Shana Logic Happy Shopper Photo Contest – ANIMAL STYLE!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

UPDATE: If you cannot use instagram, you can submit your photo to our Facebook wall. 

Our new deadline for entries is March 15th

See Current Entries on Instagram :) Cute, right??!



I’m so excited because I LOVE animals (as you know), and I’ve never done an Instagram contest before! I can’t wait to see the adorable/funny/cute/cool shots you guys come up with  (no really, I can’t wait so go do it now! ;-)

My animal photo wishlist:

- Hedgehogs
- Cats
- Dogs
- Turtles
- Bunnies
- Fennec fox (I know it’s not likely ;-)
- Snake
- Lizard
- Horse
- Alpaca (a girl can dream, right?)
- Goats
- Birds
- Squirrel

Pinterest ‘Happiness Is…’ Contest WINNERS!

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Just so you guys know, it was SO hard to pick a winner that I literally took my favorite 30 boards and did a random draw on them!!! I mean, they were all SO good and all SO happy!

I loved seeing what makes you guys tick, and it was nice to see we all had so much in common!

And the winners are….

1t’s place: stara1985

2nd place: spinsugar

3rd place: ingenuechan

email me at shana @ shanalogic dot com with your full name and mailing address if one of these boards belongs to you! I’ll put together a gifty for you!


ShanaLogic’s “Happiness Is…” Pinterest Contest!

Saturday, August 11th, 2012


I’m super excited about this because I’ve NEVER done a pinterest contest before! I’m excited to put together some mystery goodie bags for the winners – so much fun!

Plus, I can’t wait to see what makes you happy: Puppies? Snow? Rainbows? The perfect dessert? Maybe the coolest tattoo EVER? Everyone has their own unique voice so every board will be amazing (I just know it:-)

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I made my OWN Happiness is… board so check it out!

UPDATE: and the winners are….

1′s place: stara1985

2nd place: spinsugar

3rd place: ingenuechan

Just so you guys know, it was SO hard to pick a winner that I literally took my favorite 30 boards and did a random draw on them!!! I mean, they were SO good and all SO happy! I loved seeing what makes you guys tick!

Happy Shopper Photo Contest WINNERS!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

This year’s contest was a blast! There was so much creativity and I just really loved all of the entries! Of course I DO have to pick winners:-)

1st Place: $150 gift card

By Patari Starno

Why I love this: The minute I saw this shot I loved it! There are no frills or extra filters or anything. Just straight up cuteness. Plus, I love how she wore the belt on her head – fun!

2nd Place: $50 gift card

By gimmyjams

Why I love this: This shot definitely wins the creativity shot! It’s strange and mysterious and really captures Cuddly Rigor Mortis’ creepy/cute pieces!

3rd Place (it’s a TIE!!): $25 gift cards for both!

by KittiePuff

Why I love this: Do you have to ask? The piggy is wearing a choker as a belt (so slimming, haha!). An animal shot has never actually placed in the top 3 before but just look at his little face – He’s like “I’ll take some Shana Logic with a side of brocolli, thanks!”

By Mon Cœur S’ouvre À Ta Voix

Why I love this: I’m SUCH a sucker for romance and I just can’t stop looking at this lovely shot that captures such a sweet moment – What can I say? I LOVE the LOVE!


Honorable Mentions: $5 gift cards (cause your entries were amazing too!)

These guy’s photos were also way too awesome NOT to share with you guys!

by muggingurr


By testplxignore


By solil23


by FairyGrange

by silentxsymphony

by Nattie66

Want your monies?? Email me to get your prize!!