What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?


Becky of sweetiepie press (and Aitor her dapper boyfriend) dropped by the warehouse on friday to say hi (which is super-cool because they live in toronto canada)! My photos were all really blurry because the warehouse is kinda dark but I did manage to snap this cute one of Becky wearing the antique leaf hairclip and showing off her pins – cute! I wish I could have gotten a good one of them together (Itor has fabulous style!) and they are so fun together!

It’s weird how many artists I work with that I’ve never met in person! Becky is one of the original artists from my shop (back when it was PixelgirlShop) so it was super awesome to see her. If you haven’t paid attention to her pin sets in the shop, you should check them out–she’s got some really great ones including a monster pin set which was illustrated by Missy Kulik (my favorite!)