What's next for Shana now that the shop is closed?


amazing new polo tee by resist today!

War Eagle Tee!

Monkey Switchplate -cute;-)

Men’s koi fish wallet

dainty vintage heart earrings

Yummy Olive Earrings

NEW perfect cuff design!

New mtcoffinz armwarmer design

yay! A happy robot scarf :-)

Two cute emails in one day!

Woohoo! I love love love these happy shopper letters. Seriously, I don’t get to SEE my shoppers in person so it’s awesome when I get these! (in case you haven’t ordered from us, we DO hand sign “Thanks!” on every order;-)
On Nov 27, 2007, at 11:20 AM, Patrick J wrote:

I received my product today and i must say, my girlfriend have never been happier! I choose to use your site when lurking on the internet, having something alot of other online shops could never dream about selling. I decided to “test” your site, and boy did i get surprised. Having to wait only 5 days for my product to be at my door. I must say i am very surprised in a good way! My english is not that fantastic but i just wanted to show my gratitude towards you, and the people around you :) Being such a little company with that good control over your orders is very impressive. Not to mention that people actually reads your message on the order and use their own handwriting, that was a first timer for me. This is surely not gonna be the last time i bought something from you ;)

Best regards
Future customer

SOOO sweet Patrick!

…AND the lovely nat h writes us again with super sweetness (we love her!):

Hi again!

I received the rest of my order last week, and I’ve been showing off
my new bunny laptop bag to everyone at the office.  They agree that
it’s super cute and far superior to any laptop bags to be found
locally.  I wore my happy apple earrings today and someone stopped
mid-sentence to say how adorable they are!  And thank you so much for
including the robot belt from my wishlist, you are so super nice!  I
look forward to my next purchase, which will probably be soon-I just
can’t get enough!  I also messaged the url of your blog all over so I
could brag about my beautiful kitty making her web debut on your site.
Keep up the awesome work!

Nat :)

Hugs all around peeps!

Tsai Fi introduces her Fine Art Prints!

Tsai Fi has been selling her quirky cute plushes in the shop for a LONG time– over 2 years! She just sent me a bunch of amazing fine art prints that will make you go “Awwww!” and then “Oh.” ;-) She totally has a fun mix of playfulness and a dark ironic sense of humor that makes her work truly unique!

Wouldn’t the bottom three look awesome as a series?? ;-)

New Gear!

New cupcake earrings by Xenos!

Yay!! Reyanne crocheted us some new cute mouse hats;-)

Adorable new wallets by Sapphire Squares! Now you can match em’ with their awesome messenger bags;-)

Limited edition snowflake earrings:-)

Yay, a hoodie!

Sweet little hairclips…

New guys leather cuff design!

Fun fabric switchplates!

more sweet hairclips

Amazing new sushi bracelet design!

Lovely new smoy photo cuff (add your own pics!)

Exclusive one eye pup for Shana Logic!

Crafty little cupcakes;-)

The cutest sticky notes EVER.

Delicious new dangly sushi earrings by Amy Secrest!