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Shana Says Goodbye to Shana Logic & Hello to New Adventures!

Dear Amazing Customers,

After 15 years of running the most magical handmade shop online (no really, it is!), it’s time to close this chapter in my life and create new adventures!

Starting Shana Logic was a happy accident while I was a full-time web designer and tech geek in 2002! I put my design business and personal art projects on hold (YES! I’m an artist TOO!) to enjoy the journey of building a business, connecting artists and their creations with the world, and meeting some amazing customers too (that’s you!). I’ve been super lucky to make a living doing what I love, so it wasn’t an easy decision to close my shop. Normally “businesses” just disappear without a word but I’ve never operated like that (as you probably noticed) and want you to know WHY I’m closing AND I hope you’ll follow me in my new endeavors!

Endeavor #1:
Shana Logic Design: Web Design made easy! I’ve been a web designer for almost 20 years but I took a break from working with clients to run Shana Logic! I love working with small businesses and individuals to create easy-to-use and easy-to-update websites that are affordable (I know, awesome right?!)

Endeavor #2:
I’m a ceramic artist who is working on a new series of sculptures. I’ll be posting updates as I finish more pieces but you can see a few here.

Please remember, I’m not disappearing! If you need help with your orders, no problem! You can still reach me at the same place as the site will be up for a while (for this very reason ;-)


So many NEW ARRIVALS @ Shana Logic!

Mushroom Forest Terrarium

Hand-sculpted mushrooms and REAL moss!

Blackened Anatomical Heart

Heart of DARKNESS!

Protection Cat T-Shirt – Ladies

This amazing tee is BACK!!

Aura Crystal Necklace

Channel your inner Elf Princess!

Teeny Tiny Silver
Skull Necklace

Insect Scarf

Woodland Ceramic Barn Owl Necklace

Rainbow Druzy
Statement Ring

Color-Shifting Unicorn Crystal Heart Necklace



Bird Silhouette Necklace

ALL New Arrivals

Shana’s Corner :P

get happy

Happy Summer!

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you SO much for supporting Shana Logic for 14 YEARS!!!
Your magic and support makes this happen!




Super Sparkly Magical Holographic Moon Choker

I’m super in love with my new artist Fatally Feminine Designs’ creations!! Especially this fun 90’s style holographic choker!

Check out the video for extra sparkle magic and Get your necklace here!

The Holographic Moon Choker is my favorite piece for the Autumn/Halloween season. So shiny ????????????????? Buy it here?http://fatallyfeminine.etsy.com

A video posted by Fatally Feminine Designs (@macarons_and_stilettos) on

Get your’s here!

Happy Shopper Email!

See? This is why having a small indie site is SO rewarding!! Thank you Sarah for making my day! <3

“I LOVE YOUR SHOP! This site is awesome! I love all the items and they’re so unique I don’t mind paying the extra money. (Imagine that! haha) And the little notes that come in my order are cute too! Sometimes they just say thanks for ordering and sometimes it’s a compliment on what I ordered. Plus the free gifts every once in a while are a nice surprise too! I am a very loyal customer and will continue to shop here for a very long time. I get tons of compliments on your jewelry and tell every one of them about your site! Keep up the great service!! “

-Sarah D.


Killer Nails!! Happy Shopper Pic


I LOVE this shot!!

Rhea writes:
“My friends are in a Mardi gras parade called Chewbacchus this weekend and their theme is Jurassic Party Time. Can you feel the nerd? Just wanted to share the dino decal love! Thanks for the fun weeknight party supplies.”

I CAN feel the nerd!!

Get your own decals:

New Arrivals at Shana Logic!

Full Moon Stud Earrings

Tiny Octopus Key Chain/ Purse Charm

Personalized Zodiac Necklace – Choose your sign! These are gorgeous and made-to-order :)

Narwhal Stud Earrings

Golden Feather Necklace