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Diamond Crystals Vial Pendant Necklace

by Diamonds And Coal


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Limited Edition!

Gorgeous Design!

We are in LOVE with this totally unique and stylish necklace featuring a glass vial filled with Herkimer Diamonds! This pendant is made with an elegant glass vial that is capped with a silver-toned bullet shell casing, and hangs from a 30" stainless steel chain that's great alone, or perfect for layering with other necklaces! Each piece is truly one of a kind!

About Herkimer Diamonds: This crystal mineral owes its name to Herkimer County, New York, which is where it is found and are formed in a hard rock matrix that gives them their strength. Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" are the high energy seekers of the crystal world and are used as exceptional healing crystals, for meditation, dream and vision work!  Each crystal can be clear or contain inclusions and each one is a different shape, making this piece truly unique!

Size: 2" tall pendant, 30" chain
Materials: Campo Del Cielo iron meteorite fragments, glass, nickel silver bullet casing, stainless steel findings