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Cutest Chubby Kitty Amigurumi

by Rachelle Castiglione


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You need this kitty MEOW!

Add some CUTENESS to your life with this over-the-top chubby kitty amigurumi!! At approx. 6" tall they're  the perfect decorative companion, and would make pretty much any desk, locker, table or shelf 100% cuter - Just look at their super detailed, blorp-y bodies, and adorable little ears and faces!! Plus this kitty comes in two color choices - mint green or pretty pink!

Shana's Kitty-come-true: Shana (the owner of Shana Logic) specially commissioned this adorable kitty design with this artist because she KNEW it would be the cutest chubby little kittiy around, and this artist is the most talented crocheter ever! Shana Logic is excited that these kitties are INDEED the best cats around and you can only get them handmade with love here!

One per order. Choose between Mint Green and Pretty Pink (or collect them both!)

What's 'amigurumi' mean? Amigurumi means "crocheted stuffed doll" in Japanese!

Size: 6"
Materials: 100% cotton, 100% fiberfill and thread