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Team Unicorn Necklace

by RockLove Jewelry


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20% of proceeds go to the ASPCA!

Geek girls UNITE for a good cause!

You'll love representing Team Unicorn with this magical necklace! Solid artisan sterling silver, the Team Unicorn logo embellishes a 3/4 inch wax seal medallion, signed on the reverse. Accented with a sterling unicorn charm and a lovely fuschia garnet stone, this is sure to become your favorite neclace!

What is Team Unicorn? Representing the idea that "like unicorns, geek girls weren't supposed to exist", Team Unicorn is a multi-media production team formed by Michele Boyd, Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley & Rileah Vanderbilt. More beautiful than Princess Buttercup, more badass than Lara Croft, more self sufficient than Zelda (and they can beat the pants off any boy in video games)... it's Team Unicorn! 

Be proud. Be beautiful. Be geek.

20% of proceeds are being donated to the ASPCA, saving unicorns and pets everywhere!

Size: pendant is 3/4", 18" chain
Materials: Sterling Silver, Garnet stone