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Plush-kill Wall Series - Hot Cross Bunny

by Cherrybox Studios


Made to order: Please allow an additional 3-5 business days for the artist to make this item just for you!

Fine art meets plush!

We are amazed by these incredible pieces by Cherrybox Studios and you will be too! They are the perfect mixture of fine art, satire, kitsch, and super-cuteness and will be the perfect decor for your home or office! (I own one myself and get tons of compliments on it!)

Each 12" mount featuring a plushkill creature is painstakingly created with a mixture of felt, fleece or faux fur, and filling. Each plushkill head is mounted onto a thin wooden backing ready to hang, with kitchsy wood textured contact paper on the front adding more tongue-in-cheek humor.

About this piece: The Hot Cross Bunny usually lives in a very stylish alternate universe where bunnies rule but they sometimes pop into our world in order to scoop up field mice and bop em' on the head! Careful when hunting--these particular bunnies may look alluring with their adorable heart necklaces, but they are vicious at heart and will bop anything that comes near!

Size: 12" wooden backing
Materials: Fleece, wood, felt, polyfil stuffing, trim, LOVE