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Received lost apostle necklace--had to write & say very impressed with how order was handled.
Was wary, as small site. But, true to motto, you are mighty. :)
Handled better than many larger company sites.
Have privacy concerns, so not in habit of leaving online reviews. 
But, hoping this email encourages--please continue being fabulous.
Thanks again,
- anonymous


I’ve been browsing your wonderful gem of a site for about 8 or 9 years now and have only just recently purchased a few things from your shop. I just read your “About Shana Logic” and I was so moved by your commitment and love for what you do. I actually almost began to tear up when I read the “About” page because I was just so touched. (Perhaps it’s because I’m so tired or hormonal, who knows, haha!). It just absolutely warms my heart to see such love, care, and passion put into a small business. It means so much to me as a customer to support small businesses such as your own, but it means so much more when I can see all the love that’s put into it.

Thank you so very much for being you and bringing to life such an awesome little business!
- Caitlin


I just wanted to share what happened when I wore my little sloth necklace. I am a graduate student in biology and I TA, so I interact with lots of undergrads. All my female students in the lab I teach LOVED it! They were like "Is that a sloth?! IT'S A SLOTH! HOLY CRAP IT'S SO CUTE! WHERE DID YOU GET IT?" and I talked your site up so much, explaining your awesome mission and how you give back so much. They even said I should get a commission because I was talking you up so much. Then when I went out to dinner with my boyfriend for our anniversary and the hostess was like, "Okay, party of two for - OH MY GOD IS THAT A SLOTH?!" So I told HER all about your site. So if you have a lot of orders of the little sloth necklaces, now you know why! Keep up the fantastic work!

- Rachel


Hi Shana & Shana's helpers,

I just saw the email for the pocket mirror and 10% off. I was so excited, as I was placing an order today for my step daughter. She is 13 and I have been in her life since she was 5. Gifts from your awesome site have been a Christmas tradition for the past several years. She always squeeees with delight. 
I'm a knitter of toys and other things and appreciate all things handmade. It is wonderful to be able to support artists. I feel it sets a good example for my step daughter. 
I wish y'all very Happy Holidays and thank you for your specials and super adorable stuff. 
Love from Austin, TX
- anonymous