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Happiness is Shopping at Shana Logic tentacles, octopus jewelry, kraken indie dark and gothy geeky jewelry - handmade too
Happiness is Shopping at Shana Logic

Shana Logic is an independently owned shop that features only the BEST handmade and independently created jewelry, accessories and gifts on the web, hands down! We've got tons of amazing artists including: Lost Apostle, Marty Flint, RockLove, Ashley Spatula, Cute Plush, Soulbound, Pusheen, Chocolate & Steel, Boygirlparty and more! We are extremely committed to our artists and above all, YOU, our awesome shoppers!! Our little boutique is run from a mini warehouse located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is run by the owner (Shana!) and her 2 assistants. Enjoy the Happiness & Cute! To place your order over the phone, please call: (734) 887-6022

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